Anthony Nicholas GalloSeveral years ago, Anthony Nicholas Gallo committed to living a healthy and clean lifestyle. At first he pursued this goal by quitting smoking and changing his eating habits. Anthony cut out excess sugars, carbs, and fats, and then shifted his focus to improving his physical fitness by conditioning.

Securing a job as a construction worker during the summers added daily movement, lifting, and endurance. In the past year and a half, he has continued to improve by adding a fitness regimen, regularly exercising at Gold’s gym. Using a six day per week push-pull routine, Anthony Nicholas Gallo shaved 5 inches off of his waist and increased his muscle mass.

Aside from regular exercise being beneficial for his body, Anthony Nicholas Gallo also finds great joy and personal satisfaction in working out and lifting weights. His personal experience confirms that, among other things, exercise lowers stress levels, alleviates depression, increases energy, and helps build social bonds between lifting partners.

When he is not volunteering or working towards his masters in social work, Anthony Nicholas Gallo spends the majority of his time at the gym either with his girlfriend, Jackie, or his father, Victor. Although it took significant time, focus, and dedication to get to where he is today, Anthony Nicholas Gallo can now focus his attention on helping others push themselves and expand their limits.